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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 28, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> it's hard for me to breathe and i thought that bret was accidentally going to kill me. >> i have never done this to her or anyone, that's not who i am, it is not who i was. i am innocent of this charge. maria: we break down the fiery hearing yesterday and meanwhile more trouble for elon musk securities and exchange commission, finally suit against ceo of tesla. commission looking to bar him from running a public company ever again. the stock getting slammed this morning, down better than 11% right now in premarket. check broader averages futures indicating lower opening for broader averages, down industrials down 20 points, s&p down 2 and a half and nasdaq weaker 9 points right now. yesterday's trading, dow was up quarter percent, s&p also up quarter percent and nasdaq up two-thirds of 1%, up 51 points
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at the close. in europe this morning, the markets are lower, ftse down 18, cac quarante in paris down 23 and dax index in germany all threel quarters of 1%, 91 points lower, asian markets finishing mostly in positive territory, the nikkei average flooding with a 27-year high amid the possibility of strong corporate earnings in japan. rescue at sea, take a look. more than 40 people saved after a plane skid off the runway, crashed into a pacific lagoon, we will have the latest this morning. pictures from the final frontier, japan shows off first images from the surface of an asteroid. more of the incredible visuals coming up in just a moment. all the stories coming up friday morning and joining me to break it down dagen mcdowell, gary b. smith and the hill columnist fox news contributor liz peek back with us. great to see you. >> good morning, what a great to be here. maria: great day to be here after incredible day yesterday.
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>> not only yesterday but you throw in some of the business news like sec allegations, it's interesting times. maria: we were expecting something to happen with elon musk given the last months. but the hearing, you and i spoke about this yesterday, we were both glued to it, your reaction, dagen. dagen: here was a man who defended himself with passion, with force, with emotion and even at times some anger rightfully so. this is a man wrongfully accused and outrage by the treatment that he's received by the democrats, a coordinated smear campaign, a coordinated character assassination and he was angry for himself, his career, his reputation, destroyed and he was angry for his family rightfully so. maria: he spoke of his daughter,
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his 10-year-old who said -- >> praying for dr. ford which is extraordinary concept and good for him. it made it so human it seems to me and so -- you know, one of the things we've heard about him all along is how open-minded he is. this to all different point of views on the bench, i thought this was sort of, another indication that this is a man who really does entertain a wide spectrum of beliefs and commentary and so forth, for him to have talked to his children about her accusations in a way that persuaded them to pray for her which was extraordinary, i thought. dagen: think of her accusations, christine blasey ford's testimony was gripping to say the least, nevertheless we come out of this hearing with no corroboration of her allegations and no -- no supporting evidence even -- we have a new letter from mark judge that says that i have no knowledge of this party. he sent another letter. maria: the four people who she
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talked about being with her including her best friend, leland also said they do not remember what she's talking about. i mean, it was just extraordinary, leading up to yesterday's testimony it truly was a sad day for america as people threw out due process altogether. dagen: lindsey graham had one of the brightest shiny moments in political history because he spoke for so many americans and how they feel with characteristic bluntness and fire of a southerner. maria: let's show some of that right now, great show coming up joining mercedes schlapp and claudia tenney and ceo of delta will join us along former aol ceo steve case, plus economists
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nouriel roubini assess where we are in terms of the strong performance. first the top story right here and that's emotions running high on capitol hill, supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and accuser christine blasey ford testifying before the senate judiciary committee offering drastically different accounts during the high-stakes hearing, watch. >> i don't have all of the answers and i don't remember as much as i would like to, but the details about that night that bring me here today are the ones i will never forget. they have been sere intoed my hemry and have haunted me episodeically as an adult. the laughter, the laughter between the two and they're having fun at my expense. >> dr. ford, with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted you?
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>> 100%. >> 100%. >> less than two weeks dr. ford publicly accused me of committing wrongdoing at an event more than 36 years ago when we were both in high school. i denied the allegation immediately categorically and unequivocally, this confirmation process has become a national disgrace. the constitution gives the senate an important role, in the confirmation process but you have replaced advise and consent with search and destroy, this whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit fueled with a pin-up anger about president trump and the 2016 election, fear that has been unfairly stoked about my judicial record, revenge on behalf of the clintons and millions of dollars in money from outside left-wing
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opposition groups. this is a circus. maria: after all of that the senate judiciary committee will vote today at 9:30 a.m., here now criminal defense attorney former sex crimes prosecutor nicole, nicole, thanks very much for being here, your take from a legal perspective this morning. >> you know, one to have big issues here is that this very sort of accusation goes on in courtrooms across america certainly in my jurisdiction on a daily basis based on the word of one individual with no corroborating evidence whatsoever and there are men and women, there are people in prison over the word of one person and it may be time to rethink how we see these cases and how we handle evidence presented in these cases. at the end of the day, whatever happens in the vote this morning, judge kavanaugh is going to go home to his family. there are many people in this exact same circumstances who are just not so fortunate. maria: well, yesterday the sex
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prosecutor mitchell painted a picture and interviewed dr. ford in a way that really brought out some -- some important issues about her, whether it was she had a lot of memory lapses, she said initially she was afraid to fly and then she had all of these trips that she had gone on from indonesia, california, hawaii, she also couldn't remember some important things like how she got to the party and how she left, what was your take on mitchell's performance before senator lindsey graham before he put a point to everything? >> i thought it was a very smart move to have her do the questioning, she clearly was -- was a very experienced questioner, knew the types of issues that would concern people, knew how to address all kinds of things related to memory, detail, you know, facts surrounding the main allegation that was made that help shed light on, you know, answers to
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questions that will help people determine her credibility. maria: yeah, i want to bring in the panel in a moment, but let's get to lindsey graham for a moment because he said yesterday what many people were thinking, here is lindsey graham lashing out, pointing his anger squarely at democrats. >> what you want to do is destroy this guy's life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020, you've said that. when you see sotomayor and kagan tell them that lindsey say hello because i voted for them. i would never do to them what you have done to this guy. this is the most unethical sham since i've been in politics. maria: good for the senator, dagen. dagen: he spoke for a lot of people in the country who were angry at the treatment, the coordinated attack by the democrats and angry and by the way, people were chastising brett kavanaugh for his anger, if i was sitting in that seat and i had been treated that way i would have gone yards and
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miles further than what he did. i would have been pointing but brett kavanaugh did a smart thing yesterday because he had those democrats beginning with dianne feinstein back on her heels. their one talking point yesterday was let the fbi investigate this, let the fbi investigate this in between quizzing brett kavanaugh about drinking games in his high school year book. so that raises the question, dianne feinstein had this letter in late july, she sat down with brett kavanaugh in august 20th, if they had immediately taken this information to chuck grassley and to the republicans on -- on the judiciary committee they could have done a lot more. maria: they didn't want to. dagen: that raises the question. she denied leaking it and denied leaking the letter and people on her staff but, again, why did they sit on it, we know why, to
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delay it past the midterms and that was crystal clear yesterday. >> and also i think the republicans did a good job, they all did a good job of making it seem like a political hit job and to your point not only delayed that and not have an investigation into the letter, they had any number of opportunities to question kavanaugh about some of these things and failed to do so, so i think what was interesting to me was the change in sentiment if you measure it by the odds of confirmation, betting sites, it went from 100% he's not going to get confirmed to by the time he was finished or by the time lindsey graham spoke, yeah, he will go through. dagen: democrats kept pushing chuck grassley on bringing these witnesses who do not corroborate christine blasey ford's story in front of the committee to hear from them publicly. we have a new letter from fox news from mark judge that was sent to grassley and dianne feinstein, he said as a recovering alcoholic and a cancer survivor i have struggled
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with depression and anxiety as a result i avoid public speaking and he said, brett kavanaugh and i were friends in high school, we have not spoken directly in several years. i do not recall the events described by dr. ford and her testimony before judiciary committee today, i never saw brett act in a manner ford describes, i'm submitting this letter under penalty of felony. there's no corroboration of this woman's story. >> the other witnesses had letter that is were under penalty of perjury, these were serious affidavits that these did not happen or do not remember. maria: all the bystanders that she had to change, oh, now, he was downstairs and wasn't bystander, had no knowledge of this. nicole, let's get to the vote today, what do you think happens at the vote, do they have vote at 9:30 as we are expecting in the committee?
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>> i i think they do have the vote and i think after this vote has had it's time to have real serious discussions about how we handle these cases in a criminal court setting. this is a person who had an opportunity to come out and tell her story just like she was in a court of law and we can see now very publicly what kind of damage that can do when you don't have any physical evidence whatsoever. maria: right. >> and people are in prison like i said all over this country for exactly the same thing without a similar public forum. maria: very quickly, we will see a vote and timeline of when we see vote in the senate on tuesday and do you think he gets confirmed? >> you know that's hard for me to guess. i have my doubts at this point. maria: okay. thank you so much nicole, good to see you, the president also tweeted out support for the nominee saying this, judge kavanaugh showed america exactly why i nominated him, his testimony was powerful, honest
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andry -- riveting. senate must vote. thank you very much for joining us, we will see you soon. elon musk in the sec's cross hairs, tesla stock plummeting this morning, the agency brings suit against elon musk. we break that down next. up next and close personal with asteroid, stay with us. hey, what are you guys doing here? we've been helping you prepare and invest for retirement since day one. why would we leave now? because i'm retired now. so? we're voya. we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. so you'll still be here to help me make smart choices? well, with your finances that is.
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it was landing, remarkably everyone on the flight survived. here is how one of the survivors describes the scary landing. >> i thought we landed hard until i looked over and saw a hole on the side of the plane and water was coming. >> i was impressed with locals who immediately started coming out in boats. lauren: he seemed so calm. investigators are trying to determine what caused that crash, wow. but it was a tragic ending to a plane that crashed in greenville, south carolina, two of the pilots were killed and a couple seriously injured after a jet skidded off a runway and split into two. that accident also under investigation. jw penny chief financial officer, third to leave this year after joe mcfarland left the company. jc penny, ugly chart, down 40%
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this year. and check this out, nearly released images from japan's space agency show what it's like to stand on an asteroid, pretty rocky surface i'd imagine, these pictures were taken by a 3-inch tall hopping rover, they show like i said the rocky surface and then you can see the sun moving across the sky in one of the pictures as well. there it is, maria. maria: wow, what visuals. lauren: amazing how technology can do that. 200 million-miles away. maria: sec targeting ceo of tesla, we will break down the suit coming up. what is i do, one jeopardy contestant winning big on air marriage proposal on jeopardy, stay with us kevin, meet your father.
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6:24 am
fact, the sec's complaint filed earlier today in southern district of new york seeks a finding that musk committed security's fraud and injunction prohibiting him from doing so in the future, civil penalties and a bar prohibiting musk from serving as officer or director of a public company in the future. maria: musk responded to the lawsuit in a statement, he says this, unjustified action by the sec leaves me deeply saddened and disappointed. i have taken action in seek of truth of investors. integrity is the most important value in my life and fact wills show i never compromised in any way. joining us tim hagen, thanks very much for weighing in, your reaction to this, is this the beginning to have end for elon musk? >> surprising how quickly the sec moved on this. these things usually take months if not years. here they are out, you know,
6:25 am
weeks afterwards really suggesting that it's to them an open and shut case, you know, you could smell some trouble for tesla really without elon musk at the helm. maria: that's what i want to ask you about, first let me get your reaction, gary. >> two take aways, one normally the sec settles these things -- far ahead of actions like this. two, i will ask tim, i think if musk is removed it destroyed tesla, what are your thoughts? >> that's a good question, you know, there's not a lot of companies where the ceo and the brand are so intertwine, you have seen the stock soar in recent years that's and a large part because of investor enthusiasm for elon musk visual for transportation, not having elon musk there could spell some trouble for them raising funds, they need to probably raise some money, are people going to be as
6:26 am
excited to be in that stock, are they going to be as excited to be buying the cars? maria: stock is down 10%, dagen. dagen: tim, raises the issue in terms of the sec is looking to bar elon musk from being a top executive from serving as officer or director of any u.s. public company, it raises the issue of the sec is in a position where they are going to wipe out potentially the shareholder -- $50 billion in shareholder value when they do little to actually protect small individual investors, they have to think about that and maybe elon musk is looking at say mark cuban saying, i can fight this, clear my name, i'm not settling. >> yeah, in a lot of ways this is almost classic elon musk. he likes to push back when he feels he is wronged. li reported that perhaps there was a negotiation for a settlement that the sec thought they had and elon's lawyers called and said, no, we are not going to go that route, if you
6:27 am
look at his statements following that tweet in august and since then, he has been making the case that in his mind he thought the funding was there. of course, the sec is saying, not so fast, but it really gets to this kind of the way silicon valley is operating, to be entrepreneurial like him he has to kind of create his own reality, you know, he was told for many years he couldn't make electric cars cool, he's been able to do that. we have seen him in recent years really push back against regulators and let them do -- let him do the things he wants to do. >> tim, it's liz peek, good morning, what do you think about the succession issue here? >> well, that's a huge question in basically the last two years or so, we have seen huge exodus of top executives from the company, it's not an easy place to work. in recent months we have seen top sales executive and engineering chief leave, these
6:28 am
are people that would have been perhaps natural number two's or people that could take the wheel, if you will, but now they are gone and the bench is not very deep. maria: yeah, by the way you said he believed when he did the tweet he had the funding, are you saying he believed the funding was $420 a share or was that some kind of a joke? >> well, you know, in the complaint that we read there he basically said, well, i have to do a premium on where the stock is, it's going to be at 419, you know, 420, that would be funny, maybe that impressed his girlfriend, in press blog posts that he put out, hey, you've had meetings with the saudi sovereign well fund, he thought that they wanted to help him get the company private and get something done. the sec is basically saying hey, you didn't have this locked in. maria: tim, thank you for weighing in. we saw this coming, we reacted this way as soon as the tweet came out on this program, tim
6:29 am
hagen, thank you. coming up price to win, boeing snagging a billion dollar contract, we will tell you about it when we come back. i'm sitting down with ceo of delta airlines edward bastian is here. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is the angel oak. some say the oldest living thing east of the mississippi. it's weathered countless storms. battered, but never broken, it stands for the resilience within us all. ..
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maria: thanks for joining us. i am maria bartiroma and it is friday, september 28th. it is 6:302 am on the east coast. showdown on capitol hill, brett kavanaugh and his accuser, christine ford testifying in dc on the sexual misconduct allegations against brett kavanaugh.
6:33 am
>> what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted you? >> 100%. >> i was not at the party described by doctor ford. this confirmation process has become a national disgrace. maria: much more on the fiery hearing yesterday ahead of the judiciary vote. already we know bob corker said he will vote yes for brett cavanagh. futures this morning show the markets open lower, down the thrill down 75 points, s&p 500 down 7 points and the nasdaq off 20 points. this after the markets were higher yesterday, down the thrills up 50 points at the close, 54 points, the s&p was a record of 1% and the nasdaq with a 50 to move up a third of 1%. in your market lower, the s&p 100 and the cac quarante and ask index down in the negative territory, the dax index in germany down 11/2%, asian
6:34 am
markets finishing mostly positive overnight, best performer was japan, in korea the cosby was down one half of 1%. sanctuary setback, california judge deals a blow to the law protecting illegal immigrants. aiming high, details behind boeing's multibillion-dollar contract with the u.s. air force. excitement on the gridiron, the rams beat the vikings in what could be the best game of the season, all the highlights coming up this morning. talk about a proposal in jeopardy, contestant on the popular quiz show jeopardy popping the question of his own. we have the historical video coming up right here. our top story this half-hour technology transforming travel. delta airlines is prepared to launch the first biometric terminal in the country. certain terminals at the atlanta international airport equal twitter facial recognition technology from curb to gate, expected to become fully operational later this year.
6:35 am
joining me in a foxbusiness exquisite interview with ceo of delta airlines, edward bastian, thanks for joining us. really exciting stuff. tell me what you are expecting and how this will work. >> we transformed many parts of the travel experience, but the most assistance is the airports going through security and the taping and boarding process. we partner with customs and border patrol to create a frictionless, paperless entry process as you into the country and return to the country for international travel. maria: facial recognition has been successful for government because they are catching illegals as well. >> it is the most efficient technology we have seen from a secure perspective and it speeds access through the airport. maria: as you incorporate more technology into operations but what our cost looking like. will this impact expenses in a
6:36 am
big way next year? >> we are investing heavily in technology because we are driving a lot of customer improvement, driving revenue performance and productivity enhancements. a lot of this we are talking about is basic infrastructure. maria: the company is doing so well where does the growth come from? info five years? >> i think it will be global. we focus largely on the us marketplace in new york and la, seattle, the coasts on both sides, international is more challenging and good to see demand is really strong. and the outlook for international growth will be. >> i was talking with the ceo of boeing about this. >> the us marketplace is sure for air travel, we are building bigger airplanes but not new markets.
6:37 am
>> the growth story will be the us but also incorporate more potential international. >> the us is the market. but long-term i'm thinking 5 years, 10 or 20 years from now, international. maria: talk about changes to the fleet, a lot of analysts talking about this as the growth proposal as well. >> air traffic control and some of the other congestion issues, one of the strategies is to the larger airplanes so we don't have as much friction in the sky. you need larger airplanes and airports, won't be the air traffic control, years away in accommodating more travel. and already at maximum capacity and putting bigger planes on
6:38 am
the market. >> it is more comfortable for passengers? >> it is more in the environmental perspective, the new plant for 20% more fuel-efficient than the planes we are retiring and a better experience around. maria: house that jive with the airports? you look overseas, beautiful, large airports and jfk and laguardia. will they accommodate these? >> they have the biggest investment at laguardia airports. it took several years to get done in the first 13 months. it is not far away but similar projects in la, the new international facility in seattle, new airport in salt lake city and a big modernization in atlanta and $12 billion of airport infrastructure delta is putting in place and 5 years from now
6:39 am
we have great airports. maria: the infrastructure move is a partnership, government and private sector. >> we work with our municipalities and local governments. >> the house past legislation that would establish minimum standard for legroom on commercial flights, the most of the senate, how would the changes impact delta? it seems you are doing what they are talking about in washington. >> the faa bill instructed the dot to look after the safety relative to the airlines. we haven't touched that in years, the product standards are not compromised, i doubt it will be an issue for the industry. maria: all the news and your experience, a tough day,
6:40 am
nationwide grounding tuesday, there were only three cancellations, delta had to delay 660 flights according to flight aware. a lot of people talking how delta folks responded well bringing dunkin' donuts, helping them get through it. tell us what happened that day. >> we had a glitch in our departure technology that allows us to push our planes back from the gate. a ground stop for systems so it did cause some disruption, but relative to cancellations and delays. and technology and infrastructure, ability to respond when we had some of these glitches and technology is our lifeblood and we have to create continued improvement to improve the process. one of the things i was proud of his we looked at the performance that they relative
6:41 am
to major competitors, we are performed a major competitor with that small glitch. the team did a great job. maria: they seem to have done a great job. this is a way of life, you are going to have glitches in the airline business. it is about how you respond to it. >> i would have said several years ago, could have been two or three hours to respond, to get it done. we got it done in 26 minutes, pretty quick. maria: when i am on a delta flight there you are in the video. you are right, front and center, you want employees and customers to know the buck stops with you. let me ask your take on what you are talking about in terms of the intersection of business and social media. a growing number of ceos turning to the online platforms, most recently the coo of tesla, the sec is looking into it and bringing a lawsuit. what is your take on going that far in terms -- >> one of the things i stayed away on social media.
6:42 am
and the next generation of customers, looking at leadership for product and companies and services they buy from and don't think you can avoid being visible. on issues and affect your employees and sometimes you have to come out and take a stand but we try to be careful with how we position ourselves, the brand is important to us. maria: let me end on the back drop of the climate today. bookings, what are you expecting in terms of the economy going into 2019. >> we are very up to mister, we finished the strongest travel summer season in history and expect 200 million passengers this year, largest in our history and the ford dealers are quite positive. the good thing, not just us international and business and
6:43 am
leisure. all sectors of our business performing very well. maria: a you expecting to raise prices as a result of oil prices? >> you have to cover the cost and all prices have been a significant increase, we are looking at it to billion-dollar higher fuel bill this year than last year but despite that our overall profit level for this year will be roughly the same as last year. we have been able to cover the cost in various ways, some price increases have gone into effect a lot of productivity and improvements in our network allowed us to drive that efficiency. maria: do you believe this narrative that the brought economic backdrop slows down quite a bit in the next two years going into 2020? >> we haven't seen it. you read the headlines, anticipate that with tariffs and the rhetoric that is going on, international business is the strongest i have seen in years, continuing to serve the demand and optimistic. maria: congratulations. thank you so much. the ceo of delta airlines. blastoff, jeff bezos landed a major rocket deal. we will tell you about it plus
6:44 am
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it's easy to trust geico! thank you todd. it's not just easy. it's-being-a-master-of-hypnotism easy. hey, i got your text- sleep! doug, when i snap my fingers you're going to clean my gutters. ooh i should clean your gutters! great idea. it's not just easy. it's geico easy. todd, you will go make me a frittata. maria: markets are lower, futures indicate a decline. the final trading day of the third quarter.
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we are looking at an op-ed quarter, but first a city in california successfully challenges the state's immigration law. lauren simonetti with the details and headlines. >> orange county judge ruled california avenue sanctuary state law is unconstitutional. the judge saying the law violates the rights of charter city saying they should be allowed to police themselves, the city of huntington beach challenged the law arguing it infringes on local government authority, the ruling makes huntington beach and all of california's 121 charter cities exempt from complying with that law. boeing landing a $9 billion contract with the air force, boeing will build hundreds of new training jets to replace the air force's currently which is 57 years old. meanwhile this. blue origin, jeff bezos's startup was tasked to supply engines for a joint venture between boeing and lockheed martin, sending us military spy satellite into outer space,
6:49 am
shares of boeing up 24% and shares of lockheed martin 50%. now you know. what is yes? one jeopardy contestant may have come in second place but walked away a big winner. >> i just wanted to say one quick thing and ask maria shafer right there if she would make me a winner today and marry me. >> that would be what is yes? >> popped the question on the air with a little help from alex trebek who joked she said yes too quickly before he had a chance to say we will have the answer right after the commercial break. didn't he have a beard for a while? maria: i missed that. i think you are right. thank you. coming up, thursday night thriller, the rams beating the vikings in what could be the best game of the season. the highlight in sports right after this.
6:50 am
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maria: it thursday wasn't wild enough it was a wild starter thursday night football. the la rams are for real. >> what an exciting game, over 1000 years of offense in a shootout between the rams and vikings. it was a career night for second-year quarterback jared goff. the first half alone, he threw 251 yards and four touchdowns. cooper cup corralled a pair of scores, 162 yards of seating. minnesota, kirk cousins through for 400 yards and three scores. he was stripped of the ball was just two minutes to play.
6:54 am
the rams when 38-31, goff with the perfect passer rating for the 4-0 rams. la was for real, minnesota suffered its second loss. every two years the best golfers from the united states play the best from europe, the ryder cup, underway in paris. four matches of four balls this morning, three of the four matches are all square including tiger woods and patrick read and their magic as tommy fleet and francesco molinari, dunstan -- dustin johnson and ricky fowler when their match 4-to after the morning that to the complete. we will find out who is playing this afternoon. 45 years since george foreman knocked out joe frazier in the first fight ever broadcast on hbo the premier cable network is stepping out of the ring. hbo sports will throw the towel in after 2018, saying we will be pivot away from programming live boxing, looking at events
6:55 am
that fit our programming, this could include boxing not just for the foreseeable future. we are deeply indebted to the many courageous fighters whose careers we were privileged to cover, no fight after october 27th on hbo schedules. is the nba about to monetize on its inability of its product to not hold enough interest for four quarters of the game, the nba announced fans will be a will to purchase the fourth quarter is about of market games, one dollar and $.99. you can buy it at any point after the third quarter. nba commissioner adam silver says the new micro transaction offering on the nba league pass will deliver more customized experiences to meet the needs of nba fans instead of waiting to watch the highlights after game, fans will enjoy a portion of the game in real time. i don't know who is tuning in to see any portion of an nba game except for the final minute or two. even gamblers who might but on the first half of the game.
6:56 am
>> golf question. do you think tiger woods is the sports story of the year? >> yes. that when at the tour championship, we said for months as his comeback was building i kept saying he is already there. the win is going to happen. he put all the pieces of his game together. >> the highest ratings of any tournament? >> outside of masters and pga championship final round, the final round of the tour championship, 200% higher ratings than the year before. >> that will make the pga happy. >> sports fans to be happy, look at these great golfers who came since tiger left for a while. this is great. maria: thank you. have a great weekend, on fox news headlines 24/7 serious radio xm 115. supplies of kentucky bourbon at the highest level in four decades. why trade is partly to blame for all those supplies next hour on "mornings with maria". ♪
6:57 am
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it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. happy friday. it is friday, september 28th. fireworks on capitol hill, the senate judiciary committee set to vote this morning on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. this after he and his acaser, christine blasey ford, told their stories yesterday. >> let's go back to the incident. what is the strongest memory you have? >> in the hippocampus is the laughter between the two and they're having fun at my expense. >> my family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed by vicious and false
7:01 am
additional accusations. the 10 day delay has been harmful to me and my family, to the supreme court. maria: more on the fiery testimony in just one minute. ahead of the vote today, senator bob corker said he will vote yes nor judge kavanaugh. the securities and exchange comission charges the tesla ceo with misleading investors. tesla is taking a hit in the premarket. musk's response coming up. markets are lower this morning. dow industrials are at the low of the morning with a decline of 60 points. s&p 500 and nasdaq also down. this after all the major indices tacked on gains yesterday, up 54 points on the dow and the s&p was up 8 points, and the nasdaq at the close up 51 points. as we end the near of the second quarter, things is the last trading day of the third quarter. the dow picked up almost 9%, the
7:02 am
nays dashing and the s&p -- nasdaq and s&p up 7% for the third quarter. in europe this morning, take a look at the trading performance, fq100 down 39 points, cac is down 3/4 of a percent and the dax index down 1 1/4%. asian markets, best performer japan, nikkei average up 1 /4%. there's are charges the search engine doesn't treat conservative voices fairly. and why whiskey makers are saying trade tensions could put up in a bourbon burden. joining us this morning, dagen mcdowell along with gary b. smith and fox news contributor liz peek. great to see everybody this morning. >> nice to be here. maria: what a day yesterday. we all watched. dagen: the question going forward, we were talking about you it in the break, what are
7:03 am
the consequences of republicans voting no on brett kavanaugh, potentially, to quote kimberly extrastrasel's column, i'll say, if a republican votes against brett kavanaugh you are standing with the sley sleeze on the lef, you're standing by ambush tactics and the smears. it has consequences for the man and his family and for the supreme court, the senate, and the country at large. maria: that's right. i think the op ed is so powerful this morning. she goes through it and she basically says any vote no, the stakes go further to the core of the country's principles, to vote against kavanaugh is to overthrow due process. dagen: overthrowing due process and sending the message to the country that an individual believes all men are liars and all women are victims. nobody buy that's. >> abandoning the resumption of
7:04 am
innocence, which is the bed rock of our judiciary system and everything else. i think it's an appalling approval of character assassination as the first line of defense. this is all about the complexion of the court changing, should kavanaugh end up on the sprowrmt it's not about what he did when he was a teenager. it's about basically losing an election in 2016 which allows president trump to appoint a conservative justice. maria: that's exactly what lindsey graham said yesterday. the senator said exactly what so many people were thinking. joining the conversation this morning, white house senior advisor, mercedes shlapp is here. former aol ceo steve case is here. an economist will join us, and former white house press secretary under president trump, sean spicer is here as well. we kick it off, an emotionally charged day yesterday. dr. christine blasey ford and supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh publicly testifying before the senate judiciary
7:05 am
committee over sexual harassment allegations. watch. >> brett's assault on me drastically altered my life for a very long time. i was too afraid and ashamed to tell anyone these details. it is not my responsibility to determine whether mr. kavanaugh deserves to sit on the supreme court. my responsibility is to tell you the truth. >> let's go back to the incident. what is the strongest memory you have? >> inde in the h.i. be hippocame laughter between the two and they're having fun at my expense. >> with what degree of at this dcertaintydo you believe brett h assaulted you? >> 100%. >> i'm here today to tell the truth. i've never sexually assaulted anyone. i intend no ill will to dr. ford
7:06 am
and her family. the other night, ashley and my daughter liza said their prayers and liza, all 10 years old said to ashley we should pray for the woman. a lot of wisdom from a 10-year-old. >> are dr. ford's allegations true? >> they're not accurate as to me. i have not questioned that she might have been sexually assaulted at some point in her life by someone, some place, but as to me, i've never done this. >> do you swear to god? >> i swear to god. maria: this coming as republican senator bob corker says he will be voting to confirm brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. we are waiting on the others and that vote, the committee vote is today at 9:30. joining us right now, two new york representatives, republican congresswoman claudia tenney and democratic congresswoman claudia malone.
7:07 am
thank you for joining us. >> thank you. maria: congresswoman malone, i want to begin with you. you waited for judge kavanaugh's arrival yesterday with actress a lisa milano. -- alyssa milano. why were you with her? >> i went to see the hearing. she happened to be there. at first, senator feinstein said i had a ticket. then they moved to a smaller room. she said i did not have a ticket. there would be four seats for members of congress and i came very early to make sure that i had one of those seats. maria: she was recording the hearing. is that against rules? >> i really don't know. i did not know she was recording it. but i assume everywhere i go i'm being recorded now on these phones. maria: she was -- >> she didn't have to record it. you recorded it. everybody recorded it. maria: you're not supposed to record it from inside the courtroom, you know that, right? you're a congresswoman. she was asked to stop and she did in fact comply.
7:08 am
>> well, you should ask her about it. i don't know anything about it. maria: your reaction to the hearing yesterday? >> well, i thought it was rivetting. i thought dr. ford gave a very sincere, honest, authentic testimony that was tremendously moving and brett kavanaugh also gave a very emotional testimony that was incredibly partisan and attacking against democrats. usually in these confirmation hearings they talk about the law, they talk about working together for the future of the country. it was a partisan attack on -- the most partisan testimony i've ever heard. maria: partisan testimony on the democrats' part? >> on judge kavanaugh's part. maria: congresswoman tenney, your thoughts? >> i thought they were both believable. i thought she seemed to be sincere.
7:09 am
it comes down to credibility and i don't think taken as a whole the evidence surrounding what brought her to the hearing in the first place was credible. i think that she -- if senator feinstein really cared about this woman and sexual assault is a very, very serious issue, as a lawyer i have encountered this many times with many of my clients, she would have brought this immediately to law enforcement or the fbi to do an investigation. instead, they held it. all of that moving testimony was really not credible and i respectfully disagree with my colleague who is a typhic member of my committee -- terrific member of my committee. brett kavanaugh is under attack. his family is under attack. he was he defending himself against the worst allegations against a person, dragging him through his high school days, a young man who had a lot of fun but also who was very, very smart, did really well, participated in all kinds of sports and activities.
7:10 am
so i just thought it was a character assassination. i felt that mr. kavanaugh or judge kavanaugh was right to he defend himself and his family. maria: i know that your father was a new york supreme court justice. you were a lawyer who was previously rep -- who previously represented sexual assault victims. i wanted to get your take on that. i guess what strikes me is the idea you say it was a partisan attack and yet ford remains unable to marshall as kim strasel writes, to marshall any evidence for her claim of sexual assault. there was no corroboration whatsoever of her claims of sexual assault. did you not -- does that not strike you? >> well, first of all -- maria: was there due process in this whole proceeding? , if you in your view? >> well, to answer your question, she originally wanted to be anonymous. that's why senator feinstein did not call for the fbi
7:11 am
investigation in the beginning. but the minute that her identity became public, both senator feinstein and dr. ford have called for and support an fbi investigation. there were a number of people there, according to her testimony. interview them. let's have the fbi get together, one set of facts, so that one set of facts are before the committee. and that is -- i think should be a fundamental -- we shouldn't move forward without an fbi investigation on her points and others. i'd like to respond to what my friend and colleague has said about the assault on brett kavanaugh. well let's look at what she's gained from this. she's got death threats. she's literally had to move her family twice because of death threats. she really hasn't gotten anything out of this except for her belief in wanting integrity in the process for the
7:12 am
appointment to the supreme court. a lifetime appointment. maria: she truly believes he was the one that did this to her and obviously whatever she went through is horrible. you mentioned dianne feinstein. she said she denied releasing the information from the letter and yet the washington post got the letter. i mean, hers is the only office who had the letter. so it's rich to say i can't believe that she wanted to be anonymous and then all of a sudden she's not anonymous, when in fact, yeah, she wanted to be anonymous but feinstein's office sat on the record for six weeks and then the washington post suddenly got it. >> she was anonymous in her tip to the washington post. it was the -- it came out -- somehow the press found out manufacture the only person who had the -- maria: the only person who had the letter was feinstein's office. how is somehow the press got it. maria: it was leaked.
7:13 am
probably by feinstein's office. democratic senator macy hirono's campaign is apologizing. she sent a fund raising e-mail during the ford testimony. the message said the money would be donated to organizations helping survivors of sexual assault. your thoughts on that, congresswoman? >> she has apologized. i accept her apology. maria: this whole idea of throwing due process out the window before anybody's allegations are corroborated, congresswoman tenney, you i wonder what your thoughts are in terms of what -- how this is resonating with the people. >> well, i certainly -- it's probably district by district. i know i'm getting an overwhelming amount of concern on both sides about the process. i don't disagree with my colleague, representative malone. i think it was a terrible thing for both of these people to go through. unfortunately, dianne feinstein is the person, obviously you can
7:14 am
see by the awkward moment in the testimony yesterday that, they probably did leak the memo. that maybe will come out at some point. so unfortunately, both of them were dragged through this process and i think it was interesting, and you played the clip where judge kavanaugh recognized his own daughter feeling sympathy for dr. ford and i did too when i was watching her. i said as a woman and watching what she had been through, got t again, the big point is this. was she believable? do i believe she was probably a victim. probably. do i believe it's brett kavanaugh. i don't think so. i hate to admit. i also kept calendars when i was in high school and college because i was a busy student as well. this guy is an accomplished man. he should be confirmed. i think this was a charade. i think lindsey graham, i thought he highlighted, i'll thoughithought he was a superstt week. maria: .>> i think we should hi
7:15 am
investigation and get the report. maria: thank you for joining us. thank you so much. oh good, you're awake! finally. you're still here? come on, denise. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. oh. so, that means no breakfast? i said there might be breakfast. i was really looking forward to breakfast. i know... voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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maria: welcome back. heartbreak in north carolina, a body believed to be the missing 6-year-old autistic boy has been found. lauren simonetti has the details. lauren: search crews discovered the body of a child believed to be the missing boy, maddox rich. he was found partially submerged in a creek. >> i'm heartbroken. this is not the end that we had hoped for. lauren: his father says the 6-year-old ran off last saturday while they were walking together in a park. investigators are working to find out how the boy died, if there was any foul play involved. that investigation is ongoing. well, audi's ceo reportedly on the verge of losing his job. volkswagen is audi's parent company. they're expected to fire rupert
7:19 am
sadler as early as today. he's been in jail in regards to the emissions cheating scandal. you don't have to worry about running out of kentucky bourbon. distilleries last year pumped out 7.5 million barrels of aging whiskey, the most since 1972. an industry leader is warning that trade disputes in key overseas market could mean global customers start drinking less. i guess then prices go down. cheers to them. maria: renewed trouble for tesla. the latest controversy for ceo elon musk as the securities and exchange comission files a lawsuit for fraud. that's coming up. then, medical training goes high tech. we're checking out the new robot that can bleed, scream and cry later this hour. back in a moment.
7:20 am
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maria: welcome back. more turmoil for tesla, this is big. the securities and exchange comission is suing elon musk for fraud over his tweet about taking the can company private at $420, funding secured. the case raising about executives using social media to get news out. joining us right now is steven case, the former ceo of aol. thank you for joining us. we've got a lot a happening capitol hill with some of your colleagues in the business, speaking to lawmakers. first, let me get your reaction to what's happening with elon musk and tesla with the lawsuit.
7:24 am
>>.>> . lon is one of the great entrepreneurs of the nation. i have great respect for what he's building with spacex and tesla and many other things. i support that ceos should use social media to reach customers and constituencies and tell their stories. i think there's a number of examples where maybe elon by his own admission should get more sleep and should be more careful before he tweets. maria: i mean, a lot of discussion this morning about what happens to tesla if elon musk is not there. being suehe's being sued by the. your thoughts on tesla, can it survive without elon musk? >> i'm sure it could. people have said could apple survive without steve jobs. clearly, elon has been a he key part of tesla. hopefully this is a bump in a
7:25 am
road and over time they'll resolve the issue and elon can focus on taking tesla and some of the other companies to the next level. maria: let as me ask you about google on capitol hill today. the ceo is set to meet with lawmakers today. this come amid growing scrutiny against the company and many social media sites for alleged biased search results, you violations of policy and renewed relations with china. i spoke with kevin mccarthy on tuesday. here's what he tells me. >> he's committed to coming to a hearing this year, which is a change of where google has been. i'm concerned, because 90% of all searches go through google. maria: 90%. >> yeah. and 95% of everybody drops off by the second page. the first page matters a lot. there are real concerns are the conservative voices being able to come across. i think transparency is key. maria: what about that, steve? google is doing 90% of all
7:26 am
search. >> obviously it's been a huge success. we were early supporters when i was running aol, we did a deal with google at one point. it was a little company. now it's 100,000 employees and has a huge impact globally, in terms of how people get information, also being a significant part of the advertising market. it's not surprising there's nore scrutiny, more attention. i'm glad google will be in washington today. it's not surprising there's a backlash against big tech and silicon valley. i predicted it. as the platforms become bigger and have more impact, it's not surprising there's nor scrutiny. i think there will be more entrepreneurs in the third wave of the internet, dealing with health care, food, smart cities. policies will matter more. regulations will matter more. it's not just about disruptive e
7:27 am
entrepreneurs working in silicon valley. it's working with the policy makers. maria: therein lies the problem. when you were talking about when you were an investor in google, a small company, today as you say, 100,000 employees, 90% of all search results, do you feel a new tone in terms of the regulatory environment that we could see perhaps calls for the company to be broken up or is this sort of the regular way the pendulum swings and you remember what happened with microsoft, when microsoft was a real target because of its size and its influence. these companies are more powerful today than ever before. >> they are very powerful. i was part of the microsoft issue when i was running aol and some of the anti-trust issues. the government was basically challenging microsoft. at the time, they had something like 95% market share in operating systems with windows and there was a concern by the
7:28 am
government which i shared that they were doing things which were not necessarily supportive of entrepreneurs and others in the ecosystem in terms of what they wanted to do to innovate. ultimately microsoft decided to pull back, were more careful, kind of self-regulated. i think that's the best approach for these big companies, not just google but other companies, facebook and amazon and so forth. if they don't do that, there's no question there will be more scrutiny. i think there should be more scrutiny. the companies are playing a significant role in our lives and having a significant influence on our economy. maria: that's right. now let's look at the at&t timee warmetimewarner merger, your tae deal and its impact. >> i have some history with time warner since we merged aol and time warner almost 20 years ago, a lot has changed since obviously.
7:29 am
i think the strategic lodgeic of the deal, if they can figure out a deal to run it in a more integrated way, kind of makes sense. i was a little surprised when the merger closed and the government filed this appeal. i think it's better if these things are resolved before things close as on posted to after things close. we'll see how it plays out. maria: do you think they should allow this to go through? >> i think they probably should have decided earlier, if they really were going to have concerns about it. i think once -- again, i don't know all the details. i've been focusing on working with entrepreneurs in the middle of the country, not thinking about what time warner should have been doing. maria: you're leading the rise of a summit, an effort to invest in entrepreneurship help build businesses across the country. this is an important part of the employment story in our country, entrepreneurs and small business create the jobs. tell us about your effort. >> we launched this initiative
7:30 am
over four years ago. today we're in chicago. yesterday we had 100 entrepreneurs from 50 cities doing amazing things in sectors across the economy. we brought them together to share perspective. a half a dozen of our investors, including eric schmidt, a venture captaiventure capitalise sharing perspectives on scaling companies. we believe the next wave of entrepreneurship is not going to happen just on the coast, it's going to happen across the country. that's critical. the big job creators in our country are the young, high growth startups. if we only back the startups on the coast -- last year, 75% of venture capital went to three states, california, new york and massachusetts. the other 47 states fight over 25%. big states lie ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, get less than 1%. we need to back the entrepreneurs there, to offset the disruption of technology that's happening on the coast that will continue to happen
7:31 am
with a.i., robotics, they'll destroy jobs in the middle of the country if we don't back the entrepreneurs in the middle of the country. some of the challenges including on the political front are going to worsen. lot of the country is anxious and fearful of the future. they don't view innovation as a good thing. they view it as a bad thing that will potentially destroy jobs or communities. so we need to make sure we understand that startups play a critical role. we need to level the playing field so everybody everywhere has a shot at the american dream. we're creating jobs all across the country, not just on the coast. maria: you say three states get the majority of what, private equity? >> 75% -- venture capital. if you look at the venture capital dollars, last year 75% went to three states. actually, over 90% of the venture capital went to men, less than 10% to women. we have to make sure we back
7:32 am
event onlevent onlyevery spfs er everywhere. the p entrepreneurs are going to lead the way forward. maria: love it. good to see you, sir. we appreciate it. [music playing] (vo) after the 1906 earthquake people needed access to their money. so even though bank records were buried, wells fargo let customers withdraw based on their word. we had your back then... ...and we've got your back today. now customers with direct deposit can benefit from overdraft rewind. an overdraft forgiveness feature, only from wells fargo. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today.
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maria: good friday morning. welcome back, everybody. thanks so fo much for joining u. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, september 28th. the testimonies are in. supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh and his accuser, christine blasey ford, testifying on capitol hill yesterday. >> details about that night that bring me here today are the ones i will never forget. they have been seared into my memory and have haunted me episodically as an adult. >> i swear today under oath before the senate and the nation, before my family and
7:36 am
god, i am innocent of this charge. maria: the senate judiciary committee set to vote based on their testimonies this morning at 9:30 a.m. so far, we know that republican senator bob corker has said he will vote to confirm kavanaugh as did senator lindsey graham. futures this morning show the markets will open lower. we're at the lows of the morning right here, dow industrials down 90 points, s&p down a third of a percent, as is the nasdaq with a decline of 30 points. the major indices finished higher yesterday. gains across the board, nasdaq best performer, up 2/3 of a percent yesterday, up 51 points. as we wrap up the third quarter, the dow industrials is up almost 9% for the quarter. the nasdaq and s&p 500 up 7% for the third quarter. the fourth quarter begins on monday. in europe this morning, the markets are lower. take a look. dax index is down 1 2/3% right now. asian markets finished mostly positive with the exception of korea as you can see.
7:37 am
a tarifterror plot was foiled o, we have footage of police nabbing a group of terror suspects armed with suicide vests and assault rivals. we have details on why honda is recalling more than 200,000 vehicles. the malfunction that could put you in danger. meet hal, the realistic robot that's helping train the next generation of medical professionals. he'll be here in studio with us in a few minutes. you've got to meet hal. stay with us on that. the top story this half hour, meeting postponed, president trump will not be meeting with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein until next week. this as fox is just confirming conservative gop leaders in the house have reached a deal to bring in rosenstein for a closed door session meeting to discuss the new york times story about potentially recording the president and invoking the 2 a fifth you amendment to remove president trump. it's not clear, however, if rosenstein will respond to that congressional request. joining us right now is former white house press secretary
7:38 am
under president trump and spokesperson for american first action pac and the author of the briefing, politics, the press and the president, sean spicer. it's great to see you. thanks for joining us. >> you bet. good morning. maria: your take on president trump's meeting with his deputy attorney general? >> i think it's an important meeting. obviously you need to make sure there's a chemistry and relationship and a degree of trust by those you appoint and those are executing important duties throughout your administration. but the president rightly postponed this in light of the other news that's going on with respect to the supreme court. but look, i think that there's a lot about how this thing went down in terms of the reporting of it, whether it happened at all, whether it was a joke, a comment taken out of context. i think the president needs to sit down as he's going to do with mr. rosenstein and say explain yourself to me, what happened, what did you mean, did it really happen. and there's a lot of extremes that go into that question. either it didn't happen or it did happen. if it did happen, was he joking
7:39 am
around and what was the context in which it was. maria: there's more to it, right. rod rosenstein signed off on the third fisa warrant to wiretap carter page. he wrote a letter to fire jim comey and was upset with the president when the president said that's one of the reasons he fired him. he's been sitting on documents that congress wants to investigate how they came up with the narrative that trump had anything to do with the russia meddling. >> look, these are people that have been appointed by the president of the united states to serve in his administration. he was elected by the american people. if these people don't feel comfortable with the policies and agenda he has, they have an obligation to resign. and so i think the president needs to be able to look in this case mr. rosenstein in the eye and say explain yourself to me. if you're not doing what i have asked you to do in terms of the department of justice and the actions and policies that i want implemented, you need to go.
7:40 am
you should not undermine me or oppose this agenda in any way, shape or form. and so that's a conversation that the two of them need to have. but as you mentioned, all those aforementioned issues are important and i think we need to make it clear, these aren't independent agencies that can go do whatever they want. they are appointed to serve and execute the policies and agenda of the president of the united states. maria.>> it's liz pete. good morning. it seems to me that the president is somewhat boxed in. in other words, this has been an incredibly compromising news story about rosenstein. the question is, if he gets rid of rosenstein, who is next? is there a succession possibility here that's going to satisfy supporters of president trump? >> well, i mean, obviously the president selects those individuals. i don't know that they have a succession plan in place right now. i'm sure there's a ton of qualified individuals either within the department that could be elevated to that position,
7:41 am
noah, the current solicitor general i think by statute and order would take over certain aspects of the job. i think there's a fundamental threshold question that needs to get asked first, which is whether or not the aspects of the new york times story were accurate in the first place. so i'm less worried about the replacement than i am about the nut of the story and as i mentioned at the outset, i think there's a big difference between whether it happened at all and then sort of the degrees -- if it happened, was its an offhanded joke that is trying to make mr. rosenstein look bad in the eyes of the president knowing that something like this might tick him off. i think first before we start talking about replacements, we need to understand the context of the story and whether or not any of the aspects are true. maria: it's a good point. we want to turn to the house judiciary committee, how judiciary chairman bob goodlatte issued a subpoena for the memos related to andrew mccabe, the so called mccabe memos, writing to jeff sessions this. given the department's ongoing
7:42 am
delays and or refusal to produce the documents i'm left with no choice than to issue the enclosed subpoena to compel their production. what effect do you think this will have -- we've had subpoenas before. are we going to see these memos? >> i hope so. we're not talking about necessarily putting them in the public domain. the members have a right, a constitutional right to oversight and the idea that a republican house is being st stymied by a republican run department of justice is mind boggling. i don't know why it's come to the length of a subpoena. they should be able to come to terms privately and meet in closed session, whatever forum is appropriate to review these things. this is somewhat out of norm that you have the same party having this discussion. so i think it's -- it would behoove the department of justice to work with chairman goodlatte and the republican leadership in the house to satisfy the requests.
7:43 am
maria: maybe they don't want to see the memos. what did tre gody trey gowdy san embarrassment to -- dagen: an embarrassment to john brennan. he said there won't be any great shockers in the memos. >> the other thing, for all these people who constantly are crying about transparency, here we have another instance of trying to get more information to understand what's going on and it seems that so many people are actually trying to prevent us from having a greater understanding of what's really going on. for all those people who care about russia and collusion, here's another way to find out what's the basis of this, what is that information. we're not talking about putting it out publicly. it's members of congress exercising constitutional responsibility. maria: and this speaks volumes, doesn't it? >> right. maria: thank you so much. coming up, a major terror plot was foiled. the developments after police in the netherlands arrest seven
7:44 am
suspect. a huge recall for honda to report. details on malfunctions software in certain vehicles. back in a moment. with only a kite, a house key and a wet hemp string, benjamin franklin captured lightening in a bottle. over 260 years later, with a little resourcefulness,
7:45 am
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annuities can provide protected income for life. the full value oft wyour new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ maria: get this, police in the netherlands foiling a major terrorist plot. lauren simonetti on headlines right now. lauren: this video shows the dramatic moment when heavily armed dutch police, check this out, they arrested terror suspects in a raid in a parking lot. authorities say there were seven men who planned to use suicide
7:48 am
vests, assault rifles and car bombs targeting at least two locations. fortunately that attack foiled. about 400 officers took part in a series of raids. the alleged ring leader was previously convicted of attempting to travel overseas to join extremeist groups. a recall from honda this morning, 200 accords and hybridn the u.s. could have a software problem. the rear camera display doesn't work when the cars are put into reverse. there have been no reports of injuries or accidents related to this potential problem. shares of the company down 11% this year. we are getting the first glimpse of tom hanks as mr. rogers for the upcoming movie about the beloved children's show host. looks pretty good. the photo sony has released shows a gray haired hanks in rogers' sit red sweater. that was the sweater he wore on mr. rogers neighborhood. the film follows the story of a
7:49 am
reporter who developed and emotional bond with rogers while profiling him for a magazine. production started this month. it hits theaters next october. i loved that show growing up, that red sweater, i forgot about it. maria: me too. taking the shoes off. thank you. coming up, talk about a realistic robot. we have details on a new machine that can bleed, scream and cry and how the robot is in stewed -- hal the robot is in studio. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪
7:50 am
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maria: the future of medical training may be in the hands of he robots. hal is a realistic child robot
7:53 am
for medical training that can cry, bleed and react like a real child patient. we have hal on the set today. joining me right now is scientific corporate planning vice president james arketto and dr. mike. great to see everybody. thank you for joining us. james, let me start with you. tell us about hal and what was the inspiration for creating hal. >> hal is designed for training physicians, nurses, first responders. what we want is physicians and health care practitioners to be prepared for critical situations with patients before they ever get there. so this is a chance for them to really learn hon a clinically accurate patient. maria: how does hal do that? >> with a combination of electronics, software and hydraulics inside. his eyes are moving. he has facial expressions. physicians get a lot of information from that and 5-year-olds don't always talk and don't always provide that
7:54 am
information verbally. we had to do it in a way with motors and electronics and software. maria: dr. mik, you're a practicing doctor. we're seeing the video of hal getting blood taken from him. >> yeah, i mean, when i was training we didn't have simulations this real. we had a basic dummy that didn't move. you would do chest compressions, he's best you would hear a click to know you were doing chest compressions in the right you way. you have the entire picture here. you can do procedures on him. i know you mentioned earlier in one of the segments that you don't want him to look too realistic. you were worried about being traumatic to medical students. what was traumatic was going into my first surgery rotation and not knowing what to do. having this experience, knowing how to do the procedures, being able to look at a child and seeing it react back and forth with me, that's priceless. maria: how will you react,
7:55 am
though? walk us through the medical scenarios that hal can replicate. >> let's say a child goes into respiratory distress, asthmatic attack goes into respiratory distress. hal will be able to be intubated to help him breathe. he can be defib lated with real energy. those real clinical experiences can take place right here on hal. i'm controlling him from a tab he let. he's not plugged in. he's completely untethered because accidents take place wherever. maria: this would be helpful to you? >> this would be helpful to everybody. we're talking about nurses, we're talking about first responders, talking about training physicians. you don't know what to expect in situations. the more simulations you can be put in, the better you will react when the comes to make a decision. it's traumatic in the scene of
7:56 am
an injury, in the scene of someone having an asthma attack, your mind starts racing. if you don't have experience with a simulated patient before that, it makes it hard to make a decision. maria: what's the downside risk? i understand the benefits of having hal as you a articulately explained it, but is there a downside? robots are getting better and better and better. >> remember, his objective is training. he's an educational aide to facilitate folks like dr. mik in their training experience. so from that standpoint, the objective is to really focus on those clinical experiences. maria: the hair is really amazing. look at this. this is great. great stuff, guys. thanks very much, james, dr. mik, a pleasure. thank you, hal, really interesting. an education every day. still ahead, renewed trouble for tesla, the latest controversy for elon musk after the securities and exchange comission sues him for fraud, that's next hour, right here, "mornings with maria."
7:57 am
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♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. maria: good friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, friday, september 28 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on east tick to to vote senate judiciary committee to vote this morning after the supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and accuser christine blasey ford testified on capitol hill yesterday. >> i have been accused of acting out of partisan political motives, i am an independently person no one's pawn. >> i will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process you've tried hard you have given it your all no one can question your efforts. but your coordinated well funded fair to state to destroy my good name and destroy my family will not drive me out. >> we will have more emotional
8:01 am
testimony this morning, as of now we know that senators could be corker lindsey graham have said they will vote to con firm brett kavanaugh, more trouble for musk securities and exchange filing suit against tesla ceo the commission looks to bar them from running a public company ever again, tesla stock getting plummeted in premarket down 12 1/2% right now. futures showing a decline at start of trading at lows of the morning things have been worsening throughout the morning dow industrials down 108 points almost one half of a percent s&p have a 00 down a third of a percent nasdaq 36 point line to down a half percent after pretty good day yesterday major indices higher across the board at closest nasdaq upa points end of third quarter last trading day of the third quarter dow up of almost 9% nasdaq standard & poor's up 7%, in the prior three months, in europe this morning, weakness across the board, ft 100 down almost 1% cac quarante down one and quarter percent the redaction
8:02 am
in germany at low of the morning down 1 3/4% asian markets mixed overnight but mostly higher nikkei average best performer in japan up, up 1/3 percent the trump economy showing no signs of slowing down, solid employment numbers booming market all signs u.s. economy is doing well. one economist warning a recession is on the horizon is here will join us, joining me to break it down right now is our dagen mcdowell along with garey b. submitting, fox news contributor elizabeth peek. >> great to see you. >> good to be here. >> market trying to figure out what to focus on so much going on. >> sure is. >> i mean -- >> market is right now marching to its drummer to be honest all news i think markets helped z maria knows i have been bullish since ghetto. >> you have been right. >> probably still am. >> market pretty good quarter
8:03 am
backdrop we talk about every at a day 4% plus economic growth gdp out yesterday 4.2% earnings the quarter up 22%. >> may be 3% growth 3% plus growths this calendar year first time that we will that will have happened and i keep saying in more than a decade did not happen any year during obama administration. >> not only major economy booming hard to figure out where else to go. >> one thing yesterday a lot upon appalled by from democrats the height of hypocrisy blumenthal lecturing brett kavanaugh about credibility talking legal april that jurors can rule a witness to be completely untrue if they say one thing that is false. this is a man who lied about serving in vietnam and then said yesterday that the accuser blasey ford had witnesses would corroborate
8:04 am
her story that is a lie. >> we know isn't true they would have been presented to us before by the media for sure. how does he get away with that sails falsities. >> i am shamed i lived in connecticut that state would elect him to senate. >> i am appalled by that. >> jim comey had a thing or two to say about same thing tweeted kim strassel from journalism tweeted out about him no mention she said she was afraid of flying then, mitchell the prosecutor came up with a list a litany of places from hawaii to indonesia she has been also, pretty hypocritical. >> all about stalling, they just want to stall this process, that is why repeat requests for fbi investigation et cetera, et cetera, so politically driven it is really sad i think. >> sure is sure is we will get to all that including the third quarter and get garey's thoughts what happens in fourth quarter coming up joining the qualification this morning former deputy chief of
8:05 am
staff to president george w. bush kaefl rove. >> a few things to say about strengthen in the economy and what happens in the future, "varney & company" stuart varney will weigh in don't miss a moment a big hour coming up kick off with this story emotion anning kwish reliving past dramatic testimony yesterday on capitol hill, as judge brett kavanaugh and dr. christine blasey ford made their case before the senate judiciary committee, watch. >> i don't have all the answers. and i don't remember as much as i would like to. but the details that about that night that bring me here today are the ones i will never forget. they have been seared into apply memory it is hard to be leave eped so kwlooe as adult. >> indelible in the hippocampus is a laughter between the two -- and -- there -- having fun at my
8:06 am
expense. >> dr. ford, with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted you -- >> one hundred percent. >> one hundred percent? >> less than two weeks ago, dr. ford publicly accused me of committing wrongdoing in an event more than 36 years ago. when we were both in high school. i denied the allegations immediately categorically unequivocally this confirmation process has become a national disgrace. the constitution gives the senate important role. in the confirmation process. but you have replaced advice and consent with search and destroy. this whole two week effort has been a calculated orchestrated political hit fueled with apparent pentup anger about president trump and 2016 election. fear that has been unfairly
8:07 am
stoked about my judicial record revenge on behalf of the clintons millions of dollars in money from outside left wing opposition groups that is circus. >> joining o me for white house reaction strategic communications mercedes good to see you thanks for being here reaction to what took place yesterday. >> look it was a very long day. and for brett kavanaugh he spoke with great power very excelling, and vecon siftent in his story moment to talk about facts he did that brought out the facts, he brought out detail in terms of what of what his activities with summer of 1982, most importantly, maria, he talked about how gratefdisgrace this h been with democrats be real
8:08 am
democrats from day one said they were going to do everything they could to stop brett kavanaugh that was their goal that was their focus they called him oovl they called him a liar even gone out to the fact that agreeing with a certain allegation he could be a gang rapeer a process out of control the democrats mishandled this process knew about allegation for over 60 days, did nothing with it, waited till the last minute and started to drag judge kavanaugh's name through the mud it has been something like i have never seen before in terms of trying to destroy someone low has served our country honorably, someone who has sent his most of his life in public service, who has worked for a former president, who has worked on -- on in the the judicial system very successfully he has been an independent judge wants to do a good job wl qualified for
8:09 am
this job, yet this is become a smear campaign a character assassination, a person i know personally someone who i think should be on the supreme court. maria: yeah, at throughout the hearing yesterday the testimony yesterday i think little by little, people started to see through some of the games that were going on, on the left, and i wonder if you have heard from more people in the senate in terms of the votes, because we have already heard from bob corker says he will vote why toward yes toward kavanaugh lindsey graham will we will get to lgg in a moment do you think the senate has votes for confirmation certainly from the committee standpoint. >> i feel we are in good shape, i think that the we will see kwhoo senate judiciary committee votes today with vote i feel like in very good shape obviously, judge kavanaugh was very transparent very forthcoming presented the facts presented evidence against this allegation, with that being
8:10 am
said obviously what dr. ford has experienced in her life is -- is very saddening but it is very clear that -- that judge kavanaugh is innocent of charges he was willing to come farther day one when accusations came out day one, yet you know here we are gop senator says we will give her time they even offered to travel to california she said she wasn't each aware of that request so you've got democrats political operative lawyers senator feinstein referred her to these layers you are saying thlawyers saying not a political game? >> how normal is it for a ranking member of the -- of a major committee a judiciary committee, to help is a witness with her lawyer? i mean, senator feinstein's -- ofs helped blasey ford obtain her lawyer. >> i have never seen anything like this this is why yesterday, what it showed when
8:11 am
democrats were trying to -- to questioning kavanaugh, it was very clear that they were going to do what they can to stop this man, it is their biggest nightmare that he is decided that he is not going to be intimidated that he is is moving forward with this nomination not going to stand down for the past 10 dwhas that family has gone through is horrific it should not be like this m america. >> no, it should not you are right to say america that is what is at stake here, we basically through due process out the window that is not america. senator lindsey graham said with a lot of people were thinking stood out on republican side giving thi'm pass uned speeched. >> you want to destroy this die's life hold seat open hope you win 2020, you said that when you see sotomayor kagen
8:12 am
tell them lindsey said oh because i voted for them i would never do to them what of you done to this guy, this is the most unethical sham since i have been in politics. maria: kim strassel writes this morning in the journal a vote no if you vote no you are elementing. >> a "no" vote public approval of every unhanded tactic deployed did i left in recent weeks do you think that outburst helps kavanaugh's confirmation or does it hurt it. >> i think lindsey graham was so incredibly powerful and at that moment, it was critical, for lindsey graham to send a perpetual to democrats, these democrats who have tried to smear kavanaugh's name and he stood up the same way kavanaugh stood up for himself, they got tired, they are tired of being pushed by the left, they are tired by the lies of the left they are
8:13 am
tired of falseliee identically immediate reporting where they would take any possible accusation and try to pin it on kavanaugh, so it was an incredibly important moment during the hearing, for all of us, because it represents that the democrats are willing to go so low to destroy an incredibly reputable man i find that disgusting we will should not be at that point when it comes to confirming a supreme court justice. >> liz peek on panel today pointed out "new york times" headlined today, and you speak about media, that "new york times" says high stakes dual of tears an furry unfold in senate the line blasey ford prays for courage, trump -- >> kavanaugh's rebuttal times sums it up kavanaugh has said this is about fairness this is about both sides being heard, this is you know, again we
8:14 am
look at dr. ford and maybe about what she went through is incredibly difficult we want to listen as kavanaugh said, sexual harassment of any kind is about horrific with that being said when you go to the basics take out emotion look at facts, look at the evidence. >> right. >> as it was presented if public hearing under oath it was very clear that kavanaugh had the facts, but very clear that you had the witnesses that basically had rerefuted her account, so, again, we got to look at facts, put emotions aside roy judge kavanaugh is innocent has been saying he is innocent from day one he has the facts to prove it. >> mercedes thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much. another white house, coming up trouble with tesla ceo elon musk faces lawsuit over quote funding secured tweet he could lose title as ceo be barred from running a public company again. then trump economy we are
8:15 am
firing on all cylinders not seem signs of a slowdown, we are being warned of a recession on the horizon later this hour. >> ♪ [music playing] (vo) after the 1906 earthquake people needed access to their money. so even though bank records were buried, wells fargo let customers withdraw based on their word. we had your back then... ...and we've got your back today. now customers with direct deposit can benefit from overdraft rewind. an overdraft forgiveness feature, only from wells fargo. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at
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at fidelity, our online u.s. equity trades are just $4.95.
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so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today. maria: lot happening in mashes this morning, tesla stock is down, 12% after securities and exchange charged elon musk with fraud. on the floor of the new york stock exchange good morning. reporter: what a disaster for tesla, the sec involvement came as a huge surprise to people but timing of the lawsuit being filed, some people thought might come, and securities fraud allegations against elon musk does have that stock, tumbling allegation is that he about musk did not have funding secured he talked about to take company private 420 dollars a share sec alleges never discussed 420 dollars with anybody that might provide, that a funding never really had act together on it,
8:19 am
and you know never discussed whether it was possible or not he did put a statement out, last night musk saying saddened disappointed talked about integrity being most important value, and says facts will show you never compromised in any way i will say a couple analysts comments citigroup down graded before he opening trading j.p. morgan analyst had interesting comment on tesla shares, maria, saying this lawsuit could lead to a world where tesla is valued on its fundamentals alone stock bid up so much on a bet on one person, that person elon musk. >> right earlier we were talking about what happens to apple when steve jobs gone, but connell that is why investors are reacting that is what you are so a he go this morning garey b. smith your thoughts as stock trades down do you warrior should elon musk be forced out the, then this stock continues to plummet. >> not only the being is to, i
8:20 am
see trouble on the horizon for the company, it is -- it is essentially been his vision, like it has been with his private companies he boring company the rockets stuff like that, so i worry that the vision just like when steve jobs temporarilyly left. a they plummeted vision reason for existence goes away. >> the a trillion-dollar company. dagen: guess what is going to happen today if tesla shares decline more than 9.44% or trade below 278 dollars and 45 cents the company market value will fall behind that, of general motors we priced like a technology company it is an automobile manufacturer, mercurial founder. >> chars nhave not resonated
8:21 am
significantly. >> that is the issue. >> quick break high stakes in historic hearing on capitol hill we takering a look at fallout trade turmoil what tariffs clashes between china u.s. mean for the global economy. that is next. i know that every single time that i suit up,
8:22 am
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what? where's that coming from? i don't know. i started my 401k early, i diversified... i'm not a big spender. sounds like you're doing a lot. but i still feel like i'm not gonna have enough for retirement. like there's something else i should be doing. with the right conversation, you might find you're doing okay. so, no hot dog suit? not unless you want to. no. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade®. maria: welcome back high-stakes hearing on capitol hill the race to securevotes senator bob corker announcing last night a "yes" but there are a few key undecideds "washington post" reports former president george w. bush making calls ahead of the final confirmation vote next week, in support bush reportedly rallying support from republican senator susan collins jeff flake lisa murkowski with joe manchin, joining is former deputy chief of staff to president george
8:25 am
w. bush karl rove good to see you -- >> a morning. >> your thoughts? >> well we had an -- an historic moment yesterday if you take each one of the presentations separately both powerful and emotional credible. but you can't take them separately you have to take them together, and then you have to examine them and i thought the "the wall street journal" editorial this morning got it absolutely right there is no corroboration of dr. ford's explanation four people she mentioned at times it has been varying amounts four people she identified being there denied including -- keyser one of her best friends at the time said she never met brett kavanaugh we don't know who you she got wherever she was how she got home some distancing from where she started her day she didn't speak of it for 30 years until 2012 even then didn't use
8:26 am
brett kavanaugh's name. maria: exactly right. >> presumption of innocence the burden is not on him, to prove that hes want there i thought he did a pretty good job with calendars disapproving a negative. >> the op-ed karl refers to from kim strassel writes to vote against judge kavanaugh now is to overthrow due process. >> it is that also, the editorial written by editorial board that they go into the same issues of a rejection will bring dishonor to the senate validate the ambush is near politics democrats are using will also turn supreme court nominations over to the justice of the social media mob and politics of accusation, time for senate to stand up vote him on to the supreme court. >> good morning liz peek it seemed like, public sentiment really shifted dramatically from being pretty much in the
8:27 am
court of accuser in the morning and standing by kavanaugh in the afternoon, at the end of the day, is it is it really going to come down to public opinion? are lisa murkowski susan collins jeff he flake going to be swung by opinion polls or are we hoping they see this for what kim registrar's officeel rightly points out the complete dissent into anarchy here. >> i don't think any three people you mentioned are going to make decision wetting finger holding it in air seeing which way the wind blows, i don't. this is a this -- the kim is right editorial board is right this is a -- an important moment for our political process. if judge kavanaugh is not confirmed, then this will be a green light to use this in the future against any other supreme court nominee that either side does not like. but i will tell you i believe
8:28 am
he will be confirmed brett kavanaugh deserves to be confirmed will be confirmed, but the damage to our system has been done. and it is not going away easily they have undermined confidence in the u.s. supreme court this institution that for so long in the modern area stood aside from politics the democrats by organized systemic deliberate effort character assassination undermined like it or not, even if brett is confirmed as i believe he will be, they have undermined the credibility of this great institution it is not going to be easily recovered. >> just way undermined krenltd of fbi department of justice for not showing the world accountability after a cabal of individuals put finger on scale tried to stop donald trump during aring 2016 election got to get that out that is important, we need to trust our fbi and our doj. >> garey. >> garey smith nice to see you again. >> garey b. good morning.
8:29 am
>> good morning. >> quick question for you, if the nomination gets derailed what do you think the white house does as next steps? >> well, if it were derailed i don't think it will be at this point they would quickly send out replacement appointment the republicans would move heaven and earth to get that nominee he or she confirmed before november election but democrats will use every tool of obstruction they possibly can to stop it, and there will be a period during which any new nominee is going to have to undergo background check routine, and this is one of the things that gets me, about brett kavanaugh, who is a personal friend of mine a colleague from the white house for whom i have enormous respect. and his wife is one of the one of the finest people that i know. and he is undergone seven background checks including two very deep background checks when he was at the white house, and then when he was put on court of appeals,
8:30 am
none of this was ever raised, and i am like dagen thought dagen you picked out one of my alleviate favorite people on committee richard blumenthal, stolen valor candidate for united states senate who elect yourself brett on credibility. and so many other members of the committee senator spartacus, you know, was a hot dog in the hearings all of th virtually every one beginning of process before ever a hearing had announced intention to stop brett's nomination they used every tool that they possibly can, and shame on them for bringing for bringing this on on the united states senate. >> i would expand beyond that committee in terms of some of my least favorite people who had ever been elected to office in the history of the republic i would expand it to that. but -- >> another conversations. >> a broad group going after this morning i like it you
8:31 am
must be drinking a lot of kaeven keep at it i like it. >> fired up here karl. >> lindsey graham got me fired up with that southern -- that -- southern flair and bluntness we saw i paraphrase great chuck yeager might be wrong we know right from wrong with an spot a phony before he says first words he brought the heat yesterday. >> he said a lot of people were thinking for sure. >> yeah, i thought kavanaugh did a great thing by calling up the democrats right at the beginning, about process, i lot of hypocrisy calling for fbi investigation after dianne feinstein kept it with dwi investigation from being conducted 60 vital days all could have been resolved in private dr. ford could have kept privacy, and pretty kavanaugh could have kept his reputation. >> that was rich support women yet they threw her under if
8:32 am
bus quick, thanks for joining us karl rove, microbialing in micronesia a plane crashing off a runway into a lagoon everybody safe walked away we tell you about it. >> the trump economy. (nicki palmer) being a verizon engineer is about doing things right. and there's no shortcut to the right way. so when we roll out the nation's first 5g network, it'll be because we were the first to install millions of miles of fiber optics. and we'll be the first to upgrade the towers and put up the small cells that will power the smart cities of the future. when i started at verizon, i knew i was joining a team
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niuguini friday, september 28 your top stories right now 8:35 a.m. east latest on person income and spending spending was off 3/10 of a percent in line with estimates, percentage income also up 3/10 of a percent lower than expectations of 4/10 of a percent futures shy of the low of the morning down 90 points on dow jones industrial average down 8 and three quarters s&p, nasdaq weaker 27 and one half one-third of one percent lower expecting lower opening start of trading less than an hour if europe down across the board worst in germany dax down one 3/4 percent in asia
8:36 am
mostly pof exception of korea, as you can see. fireworks on capitol hill yesterday the senate judiciarik to vote on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh this morning after he and accuser christine blasey ford told their stories yesterday. >> i am here today not because i want to be, i am terrified. i am here because i believe it is my civic acute to tell you what happened to me while brett kavanaugh and i were in high school. >> i am here today to tell the truth! i have never sexually assaulted anyone. >> as of now we know senator bob corker senator lindsey graham said they will vote yes to con firm kavanaugh, the committee vote at 9:30 a.m. this morning, rescue at sea more than 40 people saved after plane skidded off runway, crashed into a pacific lagoon the very latest getting the ready to binge, netflix releasing a trailer for final season of hit program "house
8:37 am
of cards" has the highlights coming up markets lower this morning, as you can see, on this the last trading day of the third quarter, this after personal income spending data hit wire gdp number yesterday that was in line with expectations, growth of 4.2%, that was final reading of the second quarter, joining us right now is ceo nyu sterns school of business professor economist norrio thanks for being here. >> your about characterization. >> economy expected to grow 3% year slightly less than 3% next year expect a stall of growth possibly a recession by 2020 due to many factors, my view economy going to only because fiscal surplus 1% gdp, by end of next year, fiscal more than 1% gdp, and o he
8:38 am
after fed hiking from from 225 to 350 economy overheating trade wars escalate this is not just a trade war we have a cold war with china on trade investment technology everything, not just with china a lot, president -- by american, perfectist speculation going to slow down growth increase in inflation this even more than fdi -- migration going to plan so on so phenomenon the end going to slow down slowing down china -- >> are you expecting economy to fall part when donald trump was first elected. >> no, i was not expecting to fall apart no. >> were you expecting things to lessen, his economic policies when you look at tax cuts rolling back regulation, has helped the economy, i am trying to understand better why you see this fiscal cliff
8:39 am
happening next year. >> first of all, you know the cbo that is independent by -- republicans said impact of tax cuts son potentially close to zero, 0.1% over 10 years, you have first two years designed to maximize by the time, of the midterm elections, and then you are going to have a fiscal cliff designed to be revenue neutral by the end of the decade therefore for two years we have a massive stimulus look at data 1% gdp then drag in 2020, the drag because severe by 2025 the way designed. >> he is on the other side of that tree. >> -- to clarify a couple things. >> numbers. >> your rhetoric almost says depression, but you said recession, isn't by definition most recessions pretty short and not that severe? >> you know this time around i think the risk is that,
8:40 am
recession might be -- previous one or to be worst could be worse for two reasons within in u.s. globally higher than before global financial crisis that down from 160 to 260% gdp growth much more bigger debt problem because interest rates are low now normalizing other central bank normalized we have higher than normal real rates going to see -- >> you are saying next recession could be worse than previous recession. >> could be second factor important the economy, political, run up policy, policy rate not 600, there is more than 300 fiscal policy two trillion-dollar debted before next recession political backstop bailout banks corporates, governmental insolvent policy more
8:41 am
constraint, and financial -- higher. >> i agree i think you have done fantastic research and your facts are right, but didn't you say a lot of that stuff right before the bottom of the market in 2009, that you said worst was yet to come we've had one of the greatest rallies in the stock market in the last 8 years, and in the economy, that is did he restrictive poilz. >> another global recession even resisting of hard lining in china 2015, and 16 worries about i said greece not going to exit eurozone, going do collapse this time around i look ahead i see 10 factors fiscal policy, monetary policy, trade wars, other policies by u.s. administration slowdown in the end slowdown in china slowdown in europe, use more on in banks otherwise, we have --
8:42 am
nothing is cheap, not cheap real estate not cheap, bonds not cheap, particularly -- we know there will be a correction, we know that there is illiquidity in the market constrained more -- more debt. >> the world trade organization, is cutting outlook for global trade due to increasing trade tensions around the world because largely tit-for-tat in trade we had we had a guest on said risk to upside as a result of trade talks saying that if president trump gets a win with europe, with canada, with japan, markets will rip. >> that is certainly possibility that is definitely negotiating ploy after the deal but if i read what the rest is saying u.s. security, security say china is
8:43 am
strategic -- the we let china win, economic, also national the containment of china strategy is trade, investment, technology, joint venture across the board a new cold war economic financial political and geopolitical i think markets are underestimating you are on collision course with china not just china i think this is a administration that -- >> american. >> china. >> america first make america great a protectionist administration, you are less -- the president perfectionist. >> i don't know how that leads to recession. >> i talk about 10 other factors in addition to it also speculation -- coming from trade investment, migration, reduced growth increase inflation. >> so china all have has
8:44 am
already slowed somewhat but united states, gdp 40% bigger than china seems to me we are now seeing for the first time massive increases in sentiment led to booming consumer spending investment by corporations, which we haven't seen in 10 years seems to me that is a very forceful pro pelent. >> because of rollback -- >> -- politics, you asked -- >> but household factor tax plan makes tax cut on corporate permanent, while after 2020 tax rates on -- will gradually go higher, higher than before have to pay to make sure 10 year decade to the another deficit so the way making permanent the taxes corporate temporary the tax from household sector -- >> we've got to jump if recession laps in 2020 laps to stock market quickly. >> i think already by late 20
8:45 am
-- forward looking sharply correct downward, you know in a typical risk 10 years seven of them markets down 10% went up if you have -- a bear market 20% or more recession. ♪ watching from all the way. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:46 am
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8:49 am
you back tuesday, president trump addresses united nations american president stands up america first wednesday astonishing presidential news conference never seen anything like it rapidly fire all questions clearly not obama era yesterday, the nation's glued to the kavanaugh hearings, standout moment, dr. ford says one hundred percent sure it was kavanaugh that did that event, 35 years ago, judge hips defended himself in attacking democrats up came lindsey graham with blistering attack on democrats, today, roundingings out the week the votes, and it probably take place during the three hours of our show from 9:00 to noon, i urge people to stay glued to the vote today, on "varney & company". >> we will be there stu! see you few minutes "varney & company" top of the horse 9 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" join stuart and guests rescue at sea, the
8:50 am
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. maria: welcome back powerful earthquake rocked indonesia. >> 7.5 quake destroyed many homes there centered off island of suluwatsi issued a tsunami warning lifted at least one death reported but officials say this could rise. . >> check this out, passenger
8:54 am
jet crashes into water in mike ronesia passengers asked you 737 crashed in lagoon as landing remarkably everybody was okay, one survivor describing the landing. >> i have to the we landed until i looked oversaw a hole in the side of the plane water coming in i was impressed with locals, who immediately started coming out in boats. >> seemed calm investigators trying to determine what caused that crash, boeing landing a nine-billion-dollar contract with air force will build hundreds of training jets to replace air force current fleet more than 57 years old, jeff bezos blue origin, to supply engines for joint venture between boeing and lockheed martin u.s. military spy satellites bioouter space shares boring up 27%lock headed martin down 7% on the year trailer for the
8:55 am
final season of netflix "house of cards" is out and claire underwood has the power. >> -- see whatever scientists told you last five years -- don't believe a word of it. >> i have the chills the character describes tumultuous first 100 days as president including assassination attempt against her death of on screen husband frank underwood formerly played by kevin space yee completely absent from season after allegations of sexual assault against him season six out the november 2 netflix shares down a half percent this morning. >> thank you so much coming up final thoughts from all-star panel. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ the way she does, down to me, the change that comes under my thumb ♪ ♪ it was here.
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8:59 am
final thoughts from this all-star panel. liz peek. >> well, the market's down entwining the weekend, but there's really no bad economic news. i disagree with our guest, i think the economy's in very good shape right now. but i do think this elon musk thing is the story of the day. really interesting. maria: aside from the kavanaugh hearing. >> well -- the. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> getting to that point, i think it's the most important day politically since the trump election. i mean, i think things really bend one way or another depending on what happens. maria: because of this vote at 9:30. >> exactly. maria: and the overall vote on tuesday. dagen. >> i cede my time to you, because i want to hear what you think about the market. >> since i talked about politics? >> come on, man. [laughter] are you worried about tesla? >> i'm worried about the sec completely removing the ceo from a public company and not allowing him to serve. >> yeah, and hurting shareholders -- >> exactly. >> -- who believe in elon musk.
9:00 am
>> but that's kind of a problem that he has been imbued with this sort of cult-like following. if you look at the comments when someone says maybe they have a cash flow problem, they are attacked. it's amazing. maria: have a great weekend, everybody. i'll see you on wall street as well as sunday morning futures. here's stuart. stuart: good morning, earn. all eyes on senator jeff flake and on tesla, two riveting stories here, the kavanaugh vote and the government suit against elon musk. start or with this, roll it. >> what you want to do is destroy this guy's life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020. you've said that. when you see sotomayor and kagan, tell 'em that lindsey said hello, because i voted for them. i would never do to them what you've done to this guy. this is the most unethical sham since i've been in politics. stuart: well, we know where he stands, and s


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